Breakthrough Oxygenation

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Investment Highlights

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Innovative and cost-effective respiratory technology

Early saturation elevation to minimize the need for mechanical ventilation

• Aims to be administered while patients are awake and breathing spontaneously

Intended to reduce hospitalization stay and treatment costs

• Total addressable market of $25Bn

Experienced and committed management team

The Story
Behind Our Innovation

Inspira’s core technology has been proven through a series of preclinical trials. The company continues to build its patent portfolio and form collaborations with industry leaders and strategic partner hospitals.

The company’s journey started long before it was formally founded and its vision was born out of necessity.

Improved experience

Immediate relief while the patient is fully awake


Affordable treatment, reduced hospital days & readmissions

Optimal care

Avoids MV risk &

Ease of Use

User-friendly design, extends treatment beyond the ICU


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