Breakthrough Oxygenation

Paradigm Shift in Respiratory Treatment

Inspira’s solution creates a new standard of respiratory care. The company’s innovative technology elevates the blood oxygen saturation levels and offers immediate relief while the patient is fully awake, avoiding the need for mechanical ventilation (MV). This revolutionary approach extends treatment beyond the ICU, giving hope to millions.


People suffer from
respiratory insufficiency.


ICU patients are
mechanically ventilated each
year, many unnecessarily.


Of the world’s population
doesn’t have access to ICUs.


Healthcare professionals treating respiratory failure face a challenging dilemma that limits the quality of treatment they can offer patients. They must choose between insufficient supplemental therapies with a 50% failure rate and unnecessary, high-risk mechanical ventilation.

Supplemental solutions, which include nasal, BPAP, CPAP, and other therapies, may keep patients awake and breathing spontaneously, but create high lung pressure, causing discomfort at best and failing to offer relief at worst.

The MV treatment path poses significant avoidable medical risks. It requires traumatic intubation that exposes the patient to complications, must be performed by numerous expert clinicians, and places the patient in a coma for an unknown period. The post-treatment ordeal often includes a lengthy and costly weaning process, during which patients are away from their loved ones and remain dependent on ICU staff and infrastructure.

These preventable risks are unrelated to the original cause of respiratory failure and might have severe implications that could affect the patient’s health and wellbeing for years to come.

Inspira’s solution removes these risks and offers a new and innovative path that bridges the respiratory treatment gap.

The Solution

Augmented Respiration Technology

Inspira’s breakthrough oxygenation ART solution creates a new standard of first-line support for patients who suffer from deteriorating oxygen saturation levels. The company forms an entirely new category for treating respiratory failure.

A minimally invasive cannula is inserted into the jugular vein through a standard medical procedure that resembles a central line or an IV insertion. The system draws a liter of blood, removes CO2, and returns it highly oxygenated to the circulatory system while the patient remains awake.

This simple process is based on a comprehensive portfolio of patents and innovations. It reduces the burden on the patient’s lungs, offering immediate relief by elevating the oxygen saturation levels within a single minute. Inspira’s technology uses an automatic priming system and a user-friendly disposable cartridge. The blood-circulating pump and dual lumen cannula have been designed to prevent hemolysis and thrombosis.

With Inspira’s solution, respiratory distress patients are comforted and receive fast, effective treatment while breathing spontaneously. This essential solution extends respiratory care beyond the ICU, reducing treatment costs by 70% and saving millions of lives each year.

art 500
This essential solution can save millions of lives

Meet Inspira: The Story Behind Our Innovation

Inspira’s core technology has been proven through a series of preclinical trials. The company continues to build its patent portfolio and form collaborations with industry leaders and strategic partner hospitals.

The company’s journey started long before it was formally founded and its vision was born out of necessity.

Udi Nussinovitch, the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, combined his medical studies with an active-duty service in the IDF. When one of Udi’s military friends suffered from pneumonia and was hospitalized in an intensive care unit, it was clear that an appropriate solution was unavailable.

Witnessing a young person with no background diseases offered such invasive treatment with high-risk complications continued to bother Udi as he joined the Israeli Navy and supported the respiratory challenges of professional divers. The need for a far less invasive solution was evident, and Inspira was built to find it.

The Impact of Augmented Respiration Technology
Improved experience

Immediate relief while
the patient is fully awake


Affordable treatment,
reduced hospital days
& readmissions

Optimal care

Avoids MV risk
& complications

Ease of Use

User-friendly design, extends
treatment beyond the ICU

Joe Hayon
Co-Founder, President, and CFO
Joe has executed M&As and strategic joint ventures, and holds deep experience in manufacturing and setting up operations to support high-growth delivery.
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Dagi Ben-Noon
Co-Founder and CEO
Dagi is a serial entrepreneur and investor with multi-industry experience in growing companies from concept to market penetration and sales.
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Prof. Benad Goldwasser
Benad is a Urologic Surgeon, inventor, entrepreneur, and venture capital investor with vast experience in leading high-growth, publicly-traded medical companies.
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Udi Nussinovitch, MD-PhD
Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
Udi is a board-certified Cardiologist, ICU Physician, and Cardiology Researcher, as well as a senior hyperbaric and diving physician.
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