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Inspira™ Technologies is a medical device company that is developing next-generation blood oxygenation technologies for Respiratory Failure patients who are likely candidates for mechanical ventilation.


While empowering awake patients to breathe without lungs, the company integrates advanced sensor technologies with AI-powered real-time analytics to support significantly improved patient outcomes.

INSPIRATM ART System - a Life Support Technology

Elevates oxygen saturation levels within minutes while patients are awake, preventing the need for mechanical ventilation.

INSPIRATM ART's Augmented Respiratory Technology

The INSPIRATM ART System Advantage

Designed to be affordable,
easy-to-use and require
less specialized personnel
to reduce operational costs
Potentially avoids long-term
effects of induced coma
Designed to reduce complications
associated with mechanical ventilation
Potentially eliminates risks of
lengthy weaning process
from mechanical ventilation
Intended to expand acute
respiratory treatment
beyond the ICU
Aims to reduce length
of hospital stays and costs

News & Events

January 30, 2024

Inspira™ Technologies Signs Strategic Agreement to Enter Gulf States with Glo-Med for Deployment of 531 INSPIRA™ ART Devices

January 9, 2024

Inspira™ Announces Plans to Launch and Target Single-Use Disposable Blood Oxygenation Kit for a New Disposable Perfusion Market Opportunity

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