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Inspira Technologies is an innovative medical device company specializing in respiratory care solutions. The company’s flagship Inspira™ ART system utilizes a hemo-protective flow approach designed to rebalance oxygen saturation levels while patients are awake and breathing spontaneously, potentially minimizing the need for mechanical ventilation.

The Inspira TM ART System

Designed to directly oxygenate the blood at an early stage while the patient is awake and breathing spontaneously. The Inspira™ ART system acts as an “artificial lung” to rebalance patients’ oxygen saturation levels in minutes.
By inserting oxygen into the blood and removing CO2 from the blood, the Inspira ART system has the potential to minimize the need for mechanical ventilation.

InspiraTM ART hemo protective flow technology - how does it work?

The Inspira TM ART System Advantage

Designed to be affordable,
easy-to-use and require
less specialized personnel
to reduce operational costs
Potentially avoids long-term
effects of induced coma
Designed to reduce complications
associated with mechanical ventilation
Potentially eliminates risks of
lengthy weaning process
from mechanical ventilation
Intended to expand acute
respiratory treatment
beyond the ICU
Aims to reduce length
of hospital stays and costs

News & Events

November 23, 2022

Inspira™ Technologies Reports Third Quarter 2022 Financial Results

November 22, 2022

Inspira™ Technologies Signs a Strategic Agreement in Europe to potentially provide $26.1 Million for Deployment of 1,364 HYLA™ Blood Sensors

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