Technology and innovation drive each other

The ongoing quest to aspire waves of change in the world of life support is what empowers the INSPIRA™ ART.
Our ability to combine revolutionary technological solutions with exceptional medical research and
development is what enables us to create next-generation devices in a fast-changing world.


A novel technology to deliver oxygen straight into the blood, ultimately becoming a form of life support while patients are awake.


The INSPIRA™ ART combines revolutionary scientific solutions, continuously measuring the patient’s blood parameters in real-time, and delivering needed oxygen volume straight into the blood.


Challenging the foundations of Life Support, and eliminate the need for mechanical ventilation.

We aspire to prevent mechanical ventilation

Patient treated awake and without Mechanical Ventilation
No Coma · No Tube in throat · Potentially reduces hospital days

Oxygen is delivered straight into the blood,
with carbon dioxide removed

No lung infection · No lung injury

Blood parameters measured continuously and in real-time
Early detection of changes · Provides decision-making
assistance data

Market Size

Aiming to Revolutionize the $19 Billion
Mechanical Ventilation Market


±20 Millions / Year
on Mechanical Ventilation

Novel Patents

Inspira™ Patent Portfolio
VORTX™ | U.S Granted
Dual Lumen Cannula | U.S Granted
Initiation Module | U.S Granted
Cannula Fixation Device | U.S Filed


$546 Million
In Pre-conditional Signed Summary
Distribution Agreements
North America | Central America |
Europe | Israel | Gulf States

News & Events

July 11, 2024

Inspira™ Receives Israeli Regulatory Approval for the INSPIRA™ ART100 System

June 20, 2024

Inspira™ Announces Business Plan Targets

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