About us

Inspira Technologies is an innovative medical device company specializing in respiratory care technologies and solutions.

Inspira was incorporated in 2018 with a clear mission: to develop a cost-effective, less-invasive respiratory support system as an alternative to mechanical ventilation used today to save the lives of patients with acute respiratory failure.

market for respiratory care treatments¹
20 Million patients admitted annually to ICUs with respiratory failure²
The ART TM Device is positioned to become the next gold standard to treat
the 20 million patients admitted annually to ICUs with respiratory failure²

1. “Respiratory Care Devices Market by Product”. Report by “Research and Market”, June 2020. ID: 5129035


2. Forum of International Respiratory Societies. The Global Impact of Respiratory Disease – Second Edition. Sheffield, European Respiratory Society, 2017

Board of Directors

Prof. Benad Goldwasser, Inspira's chairman, introduce the ART device


Scientific Advisory Board

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