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Inspira Technologies is an innovative medical device company specializing in respiratory care technologies and solutions.

Inspira was incorporated in 2018 with a clear mission: to develop a cost-effective, less-invasive respiratory support system as an alternative to mechanical ventilation used today to save the lives of patients with acute respiratory failure.

market for respiratory care treatments¹
20 Million patients admitted annually to ICUs with respiratory failure²
The Inspira ART TM System is positioned to become the next gold standard to treat
the 20 million patients admitted annually to ICUs with respiratory failure²

1. “Respiratory Care Devices Market by Product”. Report by “Research and Market”, June 2020. ID: 5129035


2. Forum of International Respiratory Societies. The Global Impact of Respiratory Disease – Second Edition. Sheffield, European Respiratory Society, 2017

Board of Directors

Prof. Benad Goldwasser, Inspira's chairman, introduce the ART system


Dagi Ben Noon

Chief Executive Officer, Director &

Dagi brings over 15 years of experience in product development: from idea inception to spec design, manufacturing, and commercial launch. He co-founded Nano Dimension Ltd. (Nasdaq: NNDN) and served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer and Director from July 2012 to October 2017.

Joe Hayon

President, Director & Co-Founder

Joe has over two decades of experience in senior management. Prior to joining Inspira, he served as Treasurer and Cost Accountant at Sanmina Ltd. (formerly Elscint), Chief Financial Officer at the Arazim Group, Chief Information Officer and Controller at Plasan Sasa Ltd.

Avi Shabtay

Chief Operations Officer

Avi has served as Inspira’s Chief Operations Officer since July 2020 and as Vice President of R&D since June 2019. Avi’s expertise lies in engineering, testing, quality management, regulatory compliance, risk management, and production across an entire product’s life cycle from concept to production. Avi has over 25 years’ experience managing high-tech companies, particularly in their R&D and operations departments. Prior to joining Inspira, Avi served as VP of R&D at Nano Dimension Ltd. (Nasdaq: NNDN).

Daniella Yeheskely-Hayon, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Daniella has extensive experience in the fields of blood-oxygenation and ECMO. Prior to joining Inspira, Daniella served as Director of R&D and COO at O2Cure Ltd. specializes in the development of long-term oxygenators and respiratory-assist devices for hospitals. Daniella holds a PhD from the Technion and has authored 18 peer-reviewed publications.

Yariv Hillel

VP Operations

Yariv has extensive managerial experience in supply-chain management, operations, manufacturing, NPI processes, mass production, materials planning, procurement, global logistics, inventory management and cost control. Prior to joining Inspira, Yariv held senior positions at several high-tech companies in a broad range of industries. Yariv has a BSc. Industrial Engineering.

Adi Nir PhD

VP Business Development

Adi brings over a decade of diversified healthcare experience, in both academic research and operations. Specializing in health economics, market evaluation, and financial valuation of pharmaceutical assets, medical devices, and digital health products, Adi manages strategic planning, global marketing, negotiations, in and out-licensing, as well as multiple, comprehensive due diligence processes. She holds a Ph.D. in Health Economics, an MSc. in Molecular Biology, and an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yafit Tehila

Chief Financial Officer

Yafit is an experienced financial professional and accountant. Prior to joining Inspira, Yafit held senior financial positions at Nano Dimension Ltd. (Nasdaq: NNDN), Migdal Capital Markets, and PWC. Yafit holds a B.A. in Economics, Accounting and Business Administration from Tel-Aviv University.

Dvora Darky

VP Clinical

Dvora has over 20 years of experience in multinational clinical trial development and management ranging from pilot to pivotal and post marketing studies as well as strategic planning, protocol development and regulatory preparation and submission. Dvora has a BSc. in Biology, Teaching Diploma and is a qualified CRA.

Rona Zango Eshel, Adv.

VP Intellectual Property

As a Patent Attorney Lawyer and a Scientist, Rona brings vast interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in Intellectual Property law and practice. In 2006, Rona was the first Israeli Patent Attorney to graduate from the WIPO Academy for Strategic management of Intellectual Property, believing that IP should be handled in a strategic and extensive attitude in order to make the most out of it. Rona holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biology (cum laude); LL.B. and LL.M. in Law (cum laude) from Tel-Aviv University; and Practical medical devices Engineer diploma from the Tel-Aviv College. Rona is a member of the Israel Bar Association, AIPPI, INTA, and IPAA.


Rony Glass Aloni

Marketing Manager

Rony has over 17 years of experience in marketing, public relations, advertising, and digital marketing. Prior to joining Inspira, she served as a marketing product manager at MSD (NYSE: MRK), as CEO of KD, a leading Israeli PR & Digital marketing agency. She also served as a parliamentary aide to a Knesset Member. Rony holds an MBA from The College of Management Academic Studies.

Tomer Carmeli

Product Manager

With 25 years of experience in the semiconductor and medical device industries, Tomer has led development of several medical device products from concept to international sales at Given Imaging , Lumenis, and EpiTech Mag. Tomer holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and an MSc. in Biomedical Engineering, both cum laude, from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Daniel Goldstein

Investor Relations

Daniel is a seasoned expert in finance and business development, including raising capital and management of international public share offerings (ASX, NASDAQ, AIM) of medical device, pharmaceutical, and mining and renewable energy companies. Daniel has an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

Shlomi Schwartz

Industrial Designer & Mechanical Engineer

Shlomi is a senior designer, working with leading firms in Israel in product development and mechanical design for health products, mobility, and security. Shlomi has a BA in Industrial Design.

Yael Amit Ravid

Projects Coordinator

Yael is a student of Neuroscience at Bar Ilan University. Prior to joining Inspira, Yael served in the Israeli Air Force as an intelligence analyst officer. She led research in a significant field while commanding and mentoring soldiers and officers.

Revital Tuval PhD

Scientist Researcher

Revital is a dynamic and experienced stem cells and stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes researcher, with specific experience in cell/molecular biology, cell culture, stem cell differentiation, and electrophysiology. She holds a PhD. from the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.

Amit Taigfeld

R&D Engineer

Amit is a Bio-Medical Engineer. Prior to joining Inspira, Amit held the position of R&D Engineer at NovaSight. Amit is also a qualified paramedic (IDF reserves, active Training Officer). Amit has a BSc. in Bio-Medical Engineering.

Yiffam Kagan

R&D-Mechanical Engineer

Yiffam is a senior mechanical engineer. Prior to joining Inspira, Yiffam held positions across multiple disciplines including hydraulic & piping design and thermal management of electrical systems, among others. Yiffam holds a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering.

Gal Sayda

R&D Mechanical Engineer

Gal is a Mechanical Engineer, with broad experience in 3D printing, product design and NPI engineering. Gal is a qualified Practical Engineer (Israeli Air-Force) and has a BSc.  in Mechanical Engineering.

Yedidya Rozenberg

Controller SW Developer

Yedidya made a professional transition to the high-tech industry after serving as an elementary school teacher for a number of years. Yedidya holds a teaching certificate from Herzog college.

Tomer Darshan

Perfusionist & ECMO Specialist

Tomer is an advisor for Inspira Technologies in the field of ECMO machines. Tomer currently serves at Sheba Medical Center as an operator of cardiopulmonary machines and ECMO for adults and children. As part of his role, he is responsible for intern training. Tomer believes that everyone should volunteer for some cause. He found an opportunity to do this by supporting “Save a child’s heart”. As part of his voluntary work, he spends time helping perform heart surgery on children who suffer from birth deformities in developing countries. In recent years, Tomer has attended numerous courses in heart surgery, cardiopulmonary machine operation, and ECMO machine operation both in Israel and abroad. Tomer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College.

Lina Rozentsveig

Mechanical Engineer Intern

Lina is in her final year of Mechanical Engineering studies at Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering, specializing in flow and energy. Prior to joining Inspira, Lina acquired experience in product engineering, packaging & assembly. Lina also served as a medic in the Israeli Army’s Medical Corps.

Adi Shmueli

Product Marketing

Adi has over a decade of experience in marketing operations, experienced with digital marketing, marcom, as well as developing & implementing creative marketing ideas, specializing in the biotech industry. Prior to joining Inspira, Adi served as a product specialist at Allergan, senior medical sales representative at Bayer Pharmaceuticals and CTS Group. Adi holds a B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Engineering and an MBA from The Open University.

Shlomi Is’hakov

Hardware Lead

Shlomi is a senior electronic engineer with 25 years of experience working with leading firms in Israel in product development and board design in the defense, communications, and sonar industries. Shlomi holds a BSc. in Electronics from the Holon Institute of Technology.

Daniel Yshbi

NPI & Configuration Manager

Daniel has over 14 years of experience as an NPI Engineer across multiple industries including med-tech, hi-tech logistics. Prior to joining Inspira, Daniel served as an NPI Engineer at Syqe Medical, Nano Dimension and Red Sea Global Logistics among others. Daniel holds a BSc. in Industrial Engineering & Management from the Ruppin Academic Center.

Odelia Abisdris

Procurement & Logistics

Odelia has over 20 years of experience in procurement and logistics across multiple industries including med-tech, hi-tech and electronics. Prior to joining Inspira, Odelia served as a procurement buyer and import/export leader for Edwards Life Sciences, Q Core and Essence Security International, among others. Odelia holds a B.A in Management & Communications from the Open University.

Odelya Ben-Asher Dekel

HR Manager

Odelya is a passionate, results driven, peoples’ person with over 15 years of experience in project & program management, organizational consulting and human capital empowerment & development. Flexible & growth mindset, efficiency and productivity as well as professional and personal wellness are some of the main highlights and focusing points guiding her towards creating and leading an Inspirational environment of success, abundance and prosperity.
Odelya holds a B.A in Economics & Business Management from Tel-Aviv university and certification in Personal & Executive Coaching from New-York university.

Nelly Sokol

R&D Project Manager

Nelly has over 3 years of experience as a R&D Project Manager, specializing in med-tech. Prior to joining Inspira, Nelly worked as a System Engineer and R&D Project Manager at Memic Innovative Surgery Ltd. Nelly holds a BSc. in Biomedical Engineering and a BSc. in Biology from the Tel-Aviv University.

David Nisnik

Engineering Manager

David is an experienced Engineering Team Leader specializing in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. Prior to joining Inspira, David worked at Vayaar Imaging as a Production and Manufacturing Engineer and at Mellanox Technologies as a Component Engineer amongst others. David holds a BSc. in Industrial Engineering from Ariel University.

Yael Shifrovitch

QA Manager

Yael has 10 years of experience in quality assurance and regulatory affairs in the medical device industry. Served as QA/RA Manager at Biovo Technologies and as QA/RA consultant at MedicSense, providing consultancy services to various medical device companies. Holds a BSc in Biomedical Engineering and MSc in Material Science and Engineering, both from Tel-Aviv University, and is also a certified CRA.

Irene Zeitoun, PhD, MBA

Business Analyst

Irene has over 20-year experience in managerial roles in biotech and pharmaceutical companies and has formed extensive knowledge related to the processes and procedures involved in developing new medical products. Prior to joining Inspira, Dr. Zeitoun was international Marketing Director of Mindset BioPharmaceuticals, Director of R&D at Ester Neurosciences, COO of Hi-Pharma and Operations Manager of Targia Pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Zeitoun was also Project Manager of the Israeli National Tissue Bank for research purposes, Manager of Industrial Research Services of Ramot at Tel-Aviv University, and the BD & Marketing Manager of the accelerator Targetech.
Dr. Zeitoun received her PhD in Neurophysiology from the Faculty of Medicine of the Technion, Haifa, and holds an MBA degree in Marketing and Financing from the Tel-Aviv University.

Hila Peleg

Assistant Controller

Hila is a qualified accountant (CPA). Prior to joining Inspira, Hila worked as an Assistant Controller at Partner Israel, following completing her internship at Deloitte Israel, and a student position at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hila holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Vitali Kerem

V&V Manager

Vitali is a qualified engineer with broad experience in quality management and V&V testing. Prior to joining Inspira, Vitali worked at Silynx both as a chief engineer and a quality control manager. Vitali holds a B.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management from Rupin Academic Center.

Scientific Advisory Board

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