Advanced Extracorporeal Blood Circulation

The INSPIRA™ ART100 device is intended for use in an extracorporeal perfusion circuit to pump
blood during short duration cardiopulmonary bypass procedures lasting 6 hours or less.

A Brand-New User Experience

The INSPIRA™ ART100 presents innovative features to improve patient care
while enhancing usability and operational efficiency

Enhanced Visibility

With a prominent screen, 360-degree LED
flow presentation and large digit display,
the patient’s information is easily viewed
from a distance, making the INSPIRA ART100
ideal in both standard and challenging care
situations, such as isolation or in-transit

Improving Quality of Care

Simply tap on alarm messages for suggested

User-centric Approach

INSPIRA ART100 offers intuitive
on-screen guidance, ensuring simplied
usage for both regular and infrequent users.

Convenient Portability

INSPIRA ART100 offers compact sizing,
lengthy battery life and convenient intra-
hospital portability.

Universal Consumables

The INSPIRA™ ART100 seamlessly adapts to
different consumables. Customizing the tubing
and priming set with any oxygenator and its
associated holder makes purchasing and
inventory management easier.

Next Generation

The next-generation INSPIRA™ ART100 will be compatible with
Inspira’s AI-based Clip-On HYLA™ blood sensor and tubing.
This integration allows for real-time blood parameter measurements.
Additionally, it will include extra features to optimize workflow
and make more efficient use of time and resources.
Disclaimer: To date, INSPIRA™ ART100 has not been tested or used on humans and has not been approved or cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other regulatory entity.

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