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Inspira Technologies – Awarded with the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Inspira Technologies – Awarded with the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Technology Innovation Leadership Award


Inspira Technologies has been awarded with the Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 European Technology Innovation Leadership Award in the artificial respiratory market for its minimally invasive and cost-effective technology. The ART system-   an early extracorporeal respiratory support system with an intent to function as an “Artificial Lung” for deteriorating respiratory patients.


Each year millions of people worldwide are brought to intensive care units (ICU) requiring invasive mechanical ventilation (MV) due to respiratory failure. The need for respiratory care increases annually, with the COVID-19 pandemic compounding growth. MV challenges include delivering lung-protective ventilation to prevent the ventilator from inducing lung injuries which add further complications and extends the mechanical ventilation treatment and rehabilitation period.


Inspira technologies aims to set a new standard of care – ART™ system’s plug-and-play simplicity eliminates the need for specialists to administer the system, and it also potentially circumvents the Cath room requirements. Thus, Inspira will potentially overcome the complicated set-up associated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO( and other systems, resulting in an efficient and effective procedure that safeguards a patient’s health.


Despite their widespread use, MV and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) pose high risks to patients and are extremely expensive. To solve these issues, Inspira Technologies developed ART™, a proprietary, early extracorporeal respiratory support device that elevates oxygen saturation to minimize the need for MV and ECMO. The device leverages the company’s homegrown hemo-protective flow technology with a minimally invasive cannula to draw blood from the right jugular vein and enrich it with high concentrations of oxygen while also removing carbon dioxide.


Inspira Technologies is developing innovative medical technology in the respiratory care industry. The company maintains a clear mission: to develop a cost-effective, less-invasive respiratory support system to minimize the need for MV, to save and improve the quality of life of patients with acute respiratory failure.


Early intervention and prevention of mechanical ventilation (MV) reduces the risk of ventilator-related injuries, including VALI, VIDD, VAP and minimize the possibility to hemolysis and thrombosis.


ART™, an early-stage extracorporeal respiratory support system differs significantly from ECMO in many areas, such as: Size, allows early intervention, one dual lumen cannula (instead of two in ECMO device), low-flow extracorporeal treatment (instead of high flow in ECMO device) and designed to treat patients while they are awake and spontaneously breathing, thereby the ART™ system can be considered as a second line of treatment.


ART is designed to optimize the effectiveness profile of low-flow extracorporeal treatment. During ECMO (and MV) treatment patients are induced into medical comas while ART is designed to treat patients while they are awake and spontaneously breathing.


As a result of its unique features, ART™ minimizes the need for invasive mechanical ventilation and associated damage to the patient’s lung and overall survival.


ART™ may be applied in (1) patients prior to invasive mechanical ventilation, to avoid MV, and (2) in addition to MV to decrease MV duration and subsequent ventilator associated lung injury.


ART potential advantages:


  • Patient – no need for induced medical comas, patients continue to breathe spontaneously and can communicate with their surroundings. Reduces the risks and complications associated with MV.  
  • Health Care Professionals – will have an alternative when the Non-Invasive Ventilation solutions don’t work, with less human errors and with no need for ICU trained professionals.
  • Medical Centers – reduced costs associated with mechanical ventilation complications and reduction of patient load in ICU, reeducation of professional staff.


Inspira plans to introduce the ART™  in ICU beds with the goal of becoming the standard of care in every hospital around the world. The goal is to build understanding in the market of the undeniable value proposition the ART™ device provides due to its inherent ease-of-use and  dramatic reduced medical risks, translating to lower patient mortality, further supporting adoption and deployment beyond the ICU.


Moreover, the company focuses on establishing multiple recurring revenue streams across medical sectors and markets. To achieve this, Inspira collaborates with strategic medical centers and professional associations. It also has purchasing collaborations with businesses such as global medical device companies, and it pursues worldwide regulatory approvals in various regions, including the United States, Europe, and Asia.


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